Businesses today demand Internet speeds that meet the constantly changing need for very high bandwidth. Larger multimedia files are being uploaded and downloaded. More peer-to-peer networking is required. Today's cloud services such as social networking with increased interactivity, collaboration and data sharing need even more bandwidth. Explore our solutions for your business networking needs.

Dedicated Internet Leased Line

To succeed in today's rapidly evolving business environment, organizations need cost-effective, high-speed Internet services that are reliable, scalable and backed by strong technical support.

Micronova Enterprise service is a symmetrical high-end Dedicated Internet Access, which provides a connection to Micronova Gateway Routers that interface directly to International peering points. The service completely bypasses the traditional shared ADSL/Cable based network and offers flexible, fast, reliable service. Micronova Enterprise services offer a full range of connectivity options and access speeds to suite the business requirements. The network is designed to offer growth and scalability by allowing you to increase your bandwidth in increments at a time.