Managed GPS

Formed by a group of enthusiastic technology experts, SuVeechinova is self-mandated to deliver cutting-edge tracking solutions to ease complex issues in the areas of identification, discovery, administration and security of logistics management in any industry. SuVeechinova is investing in extensive R&D lab to research into areas concerning GPS, GSM/GPRS, RFID and Bio-Metric technologies which are the to-go technologies to achieve business excellence for the customers and to deliver them with faster ROIs and reduced TCOs.

SuVeechinova has developed enviable expertise by investing into research, innovation, acquisitions, partnerships and training, in the complete range of tracking technologies including GPS, GPRS, RFID-Active,RFID-Passive, RFID-UHF, RFID-HF, Bio-Metric completing the spectrum of tracking technologies. Based on the range offered by the technology, SuVeechinova uses the suitable data communication medium to it's solution.