Refund Policy

Refund of amount paid successfully through our online payment portal or directly to our collection agent are subject to the below terms and conditions.

  • Customer shall apply for refund through written communication only.
  • Grounds for seeking refund shall be clearly mentioned in the said communication.
  • Service interruption due to natural disaster, fiber cuts, modem issues at customer premises and customers lack of understanding of FUP and General Usage terms and conditions are not entitled as grounds for refund
  • Such requests which are found valid shall only be entertained for refund.
  • Only on following above procedure refund shall be processed.
  • Any approved refund shall be made by the same mode the original payment was made.
  • Time period for processing the refund shall be 15 working days from the date of receipt of written communication from the customer.
Note: Granting of Refund shall be at the sole discretion of the management.